Silverwing SWT120S 4-Person Roof Top Tent

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The SWT120S is a versatile soft roof top tent with room for sleeping gear and other equipment. This item qualifies for free shipping to almost any address in the continental United States. We have units ready to ship! ORDER NOW before we run out! These are very popular right now.

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Silverwing SWT120S Soft Roof Tent

The Silverwing SWT120S Soft Roof Tent is just what you need to get outdoors. With an interior footprint of 95″x72″, this tent is big enough for four adults and their gear. The interior volume is 120 cubic feet. 

The roomy usable interior dimensions are 95″x72″x45″ (LxWxH). With this size, it’s easy to sleep and be comfortable with four adults. Setup time is approximately 5 minutes and take-down time is 10 minutes.

This is the perfect tent for any on-the-road or off-the-road adventures. You’ll stay dry and have peace of mind, being up and away from the rocks, mud, and creepy crawlies. 

The ladder is adjustable and easily stores on the SWT120S roof top tent. Standard features include fully meshed doors and windows to block the no-see-ums and all windows and doors can fully unzip for maximum ventilation. There are two personal storage pockets for shoes and personal items and a 2″ HDF comfy mattress with cover is included.

The SWT120S is a versatile soft top tent. Some of your gear can be stored in the tent making setup a breeze and giving you more room in your vehicle. This makes for a pop-up and ready-to-camp design.

We build high-quality products to give you many years of enjoyment. Because of this we include high quality, customer-favorite product features: 

  • Reinforced base
  • Rain fly for tent with poles
  • Waterproof travel cover
  • Waterproof tent fabric
  • Thick comfy foam mattress
  • Large windows and door with screens for the no-see-ums and creepy crawlies
  • Oversized windows for maximum ventilation when required
  • Deluxe adjustable aluminum ladder

The unit requires some assembly to attach the entry ladder, mounting rails, and then installation on your vehicle of choice. Once installed with the included mounting brackets the soft roof tent is ready to use at a moment’s notice. Please note that some vehicles may require an aftermarket roof rack to accommodate the SWT120S. 

Product Features

  • Fully zipped door and windows with mesh
  • 1 entry door with screen, 3 windows on each side
  • All windows and doors can fully unzip for maximum ventilation
  • Two personal storage pockets for shoes and personal items
  • 2″ HDF comfy mattress
  • Metal poles for rain fly
  • Extra safety straps for security while in transit

Product Specifications

  • Interior dimensions: 95″x72″x45″
  • Exterior open dimensions: 96″x72.5″x48″
  • Exterior closed dimensions: 48.5″x72.5″x15″(with ladder attached)
  • Weight: 140 lb. with ladder attached
  • Tent fabric: Waterproof 600D fabric with taped seams
  • Tent rain fly: Waterproof 420D fabric
  • Mesh size: Heavy 120oz/yd2 mesh
  • Travel cover: Waterproof 1000D PVC

Other Benefits

  • Quick and easy setup and take-down
  • Storage of sleeping pads while traveling
  • Off the ground and away from critters
  • Dry and flat sleeping area
  • Strong and durable travel cover to protect tent
  • Fits most vehicles, UTVs, and trailers with accommodating rack systems

Advantages of a Soft Roof Top Tent

  • Easy to lift on vehicle due to light weight (140lb) and fits most roof rack systems 
  • Accommodates larger tent footprint sizes due to the folding over design
  • Easy to store
  • Lower cost
  • Fits smaller vehicles

Does it fit my vehicle?

Most vehicles can handle the tent weight on their roof structure. The issue comes in the actual strength of the roof rack cross bars. Many vehicles come with a stock cross bar. Please ensure it is capable of handling the minimum of 140lb (see your vehicle’s User Manual for this information). The listed weight is the “dynamic” load (load allowed while in motion or traveling). Some people may refer to a “static” load; this simply refers to the weight the unit may bear while parked and not in motion. Static load capacities are up to 10 times the dynamic load depending on the weight distribution and the style of roof rack and vehicle. Every vehicle is different so we usually recommend purchasing some type of aftermarket roof rack to ensure it’s strong enough for the job and makes installation much easier. 

Here are the specifications for roof rack mounting:

  • Min width (side to side) 34″
  • Max width (side to side) 48″ or more depending on the length of the cross bars
  • Minimum of 2 cross bars required
  • Min length (front to back) 30″
  • Max length (front to back) 60″
  • Min distance between car roof and roof cross bar is 3″ for easier install
  • Cross bars need to support minimum of 160 lb when in transit. (Consult your owners manual for this specification)
  • Max recommended static load capacity (while parked) 550 lb

Please ensure you have firmly attached the tent to your vehicle (all bolts are intact and secure) and check it often the first 25 miles and then check every trip. 

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Additional information

Weight 260 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 73 × 15 in


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