Silverwing Roof Hard Shell Tent SWT90-scratch/blem LOCAL PICKUP ONLY


This is the SWT90 roof top tent but it will be a scratch/blem mid B grade tent. Stock is limited on this discounted item. 

The SWT90 is a versatile clam shell car roof top tent with ample storage for sleeping gear and other equipment. This listing is for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY in the northern Utah and souther Idaho regions. Do not order unless you can meet for pickup in Grace, ID or coordinate with one of our authorized agents in Utah. ORDER NOW! NOW IN STOCK and available!

In stock (can be backordered)

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This is the SWT90 roof top tent but it will be a scratch/blem unit B grade. Stock is limited on this discounted item.


Purchase must be made prior to unpackaging the product or before loading the product into your vehicle. No exceptions. We will have demo units available for full inspection of features and tent.

New product. Sleeps 2. Comes with ladder, mattress, and mounting hardware.

As always we are here to answer any questions we can and help you out. The SWT90 is extremely popular so inventory will fluctuate depending on the time of year. Don’t miss out on this simpler and better way to camp/travel.

Be sure to include WORKING phone number or we cannot deliver this!


The images added show the type of scratches, damages, and/or defects you would encounter. Near new but with handling/freight blemishes or scratches. Listing images are typical of item. This product is an exceptional value purchase and will often require only a little work to get you up and running. Also remember that one good drive through some low brush will scratch the tent anyway. If a buckle is broken/missing we will provide a replacement repair buckle. If there is a scratch we will leave it as is. This product category will not have holes in any shells on the tent. These all come with the normal accessory items (ladder, mounting hardware, mattress) and will be fully functional except the possible shell scratches, blemishes/defects on tent and/or fabric (zippers could be damaged; edge fabric skirting may have rub damage), and buckle damage. The fabric edge lip sometimes gets damaged in transit and may be rubbed or have a hole in it (this does not affect the actual tent fabric but only the edge guard; you may easily repair this using a tent glue on repair patch if necessary).


You MUST inspect this product and note any issues if there are any on the Delivery Receipt when you receive it or if you refused due to damage/product issue. It is unfortunate if you have an issue but this is why we require an adult signature on the delivery so we can know that the product was delivered in the same condition we sent it out in. We are able to pass this great value to you but can only do this if our shipping cost can remain economical. We are serious about your signature on the delivery. Once you sign for this you have legally accepted the package as it arrived to you and YOU will be responsible for the return shipping costs or any related damage claims with the freight carrier.


The Silverwing Roof Hard Shell Tent SWT90

The Silverwing SWT90 Roof Hard Shell Tent is the best roof top tent on the market. With a footprint of 86″x51″ this tent is big enough for two adults and their gear. The interior volume is 90 cubic feet. The roomy usable interior dimensions are 82″x48″x39″ (LxWxH).

With this size it’s easy to sleep and be very comfortable with two adults. Setup time is 1 minute and take down time is 3 minutes. This is the perfect tent for any on-the-road or off-the-road adventures. You’ll stay dry and have peace of mind being up and away from the rocks, mud, and creepy crawlies. 

The ladder is adjustable up to 8.5′ and easily stores in the SWT90 roof top tent. Standard features include large rain awning for entry, fully zipped doors and windows with mesh to block the no-see-ums, all windows and doors can fully unzip for maximum ventilation, large hanging storage net on the ceiling, two personal storage pockets for shoes and personal items (one on each end), 2 extra metal hooks, and 2.3″ HDF comfy mattress with removable cover.

We build high quality products to give you many years of enjoyment. Because of this we include high quality, customer-favorite product features that outshine the competition, including: 

  • ABS hard shell with reinforced base
  • Car protector kicker pad
  • Water resistant tent fabric and zippers
  • Safety straps to hold your ladder in place while in the tent
  • Thick comfy foam mattress
  • Large windows and door with screens for the no-see-ums and creepy crawlies
  • Deluxe 8.5′ adjustable aluminum ladder
  • Solar charged LED lantern with fan
  • Aerodynamic design for great fuel economy
  • Privacy fly (optional)
  • Clam shell design allows for large storage of bedding and other bags while traveling. This makes for a pop-up and ready-to-camp design.

The unit comes pre-assembled and only requires installation on your vehicle of choice. Once installed with the included mounting brackets the hard shell roof tent is ready to use at a moments notice.

Product Features

  • Large rain awning for entry
  • Fully zipped doors and windows with mesh
  • 1 window on each end and a larger one opposite of the large entry door
  • All windows and doors can fully unzip for maximum ventilation
  • Large hanging storage net on the ceiling
  • Two personal storage pockets for shoes and personal items (one on each end)
  • 2 extra metal hooks, and 2.3″ HDF comfy mattress with removable cover

Product Specifications

  • Interior dimensions: 82″x48″x39″
  • Exterior open dimensions: 86″x51″x41″
  • Exterior closed dimensions: 86″x51″x11″
  • Weight (no packaging): 154 lb
  • Shell material: Reinforced ABS shell
  • Tent fabric: Water resistant 600 Denier Oxford fabric
  • Mesh size: 75 Denier polyester 

Other Benefits

  • Quick and easy setup and take-down
  • Storage of sleeping pads and gear while traveling
  • Off the ground and away from critters
  • Dry and flat sleeping area
  • Strong and durable clam shell design to protect tent and gear
  • Fits most vehicles and UTVs with accommodating roof racks

Does it fit my vehicle?

Most vehicles can handle the tent weight on their roof structure. The issue comes in the actual strength of the roof rack cross bars. Many vehicles come with a stock cross bar. Please ensure it is capable of handling the minimum of 150lb (see your vehicle’s User Manual for this information). The listed weight is the “dynamic” load (load allowed while in motion or traveling). Some people may refer to a “static” load; this simply refers to the weight the unit may bear while parked and not in motion. Static load capacities are up to 10 times the dynamic load depending on the weight distribution and the style of roof rack. Every vehicle is different so we usually recommend purchasing some type of aftermarket roof rack to ensure it’s strong enough for the job and makes installation much easier. 

Here are the specifications for roof rack mounting:

  • Min width (side to side) 24″
  • Max width (side to side) 48″ or more depending on the length of the cross bars
  • Minimum of 2 cross bars required (3 for rough roads)
  • Min length (front to back) 30″
  • Max length (front to back) 60″
  • Recommended distance between front and rear roof rack cross bar is 32″-48″
  • Min distance between car roof and roof cross bar is 4″ for easier install
  • Cross bars need to support minimum of 150 lb when in transit. (Consult your owners manual for this specification)
  • Max recommended static load capacity (while parked) 550 lb
  • You may choose to remove the ladder from the tent when traveling to reduce weight on your roof rack if necessary

If you still have question please email us at Please ensure you have firmly attached the tent to your vehicle (all bolts are intact and secure) and check it often the first 25 miles and then check every trip. 


This product does NOT require assembly. The customer must only install the unit on their vehicle of choice. Many vehicles requires an aftermarket roof rack so please check to make sure you have the correct roof rack.

Please contact us at for shipments outside the continental United States. Most areas just have an added freight surcharge.


We accept any form of payment (credits cards) accepted through or can discuss a cash discount.


Local pickup only in the regions where this is offered. Pickup can be performed in Grace, ID or our new location in Orem, UT. Please contact us to coordinate the details of pickup at Installation is NOT included but can usually be added for an additional $150 minimum if your vehicle is equipped with the correct roof rack. If you’re not sure send us a picture of the rack to confirm whether it will work. 

Regular pickup does not include any assembly, set up, or removal of packaging.

It is your responsibility to inspect the unit prior to the accepting the package. The item may be refused if there is damage or you may note damage on the delivery receipt to file a damage claim. If no damage is indicated on the delivery receipt then we must legally assume you received it in an undamaged condition. Returns due to damage will not be authorized if damaged is not noted on the delivery receipt upon pickup. You are welcome to request a few minutes to open and inspect everything prior to signing. 

Shipping specifications for the SWT90:

195lb (88″x54″x15) Cl175 NMFC 182130-4

Country of Origin: China

Delivery Procedure

  • The local agent for pickup will contact you via phone/text and set an appointment and pickup location.
  • You agree to the appointment time and location. 
  • You should always be present for delivery and inspect for any damages. 
  • You will sign the delivery receipt. The signer must be an adult. Note any damages or refuse. All sales are final and as-is once you sign and pickup the unit. 
  • Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Item must be inspected upon signing for delivery and any issues/damages/defects must be reported before signing. Any damage or return claims after delivery due to shipping damage/product issue/defect will not be authorized.

Returns: The customer (you) are responsible for return freight costs. Returns must be preauthorized and submitted within 3 business days from the delivery date as noted by the delivery recipt. Any other return submission after 3 business days will not be honored. Please allow up to 3 weeks for return processing after Silverwing receives the returned item. All returns will have a 20% restocking fee deducted regardless of the reason for the return. The returned item must be received back by Silverwing within 30 days of original date of delivery in the same condition you received and original packaging. Any returns without a return authorization number will be refused and will not be refunded to the customer. 

Cancellations: If you order this but still want the item shipped to your address we will credit this to your order and charge you the difference for the shipped unit. If you order this item but decide to cancel you order before pickup you will be charged a $150 cancellation fee. No exceptions will given to this cancellation policy. 

Warranty: This item qualifies does not qualify for a limited warranty due to the non-new status. All warranty work follows our warranty policy and requires the unit to be returned to Grace, ID for inspection. If you fall outside the warranty coverage Silverwing is able to provide repair parts (poles, covers, mounting hardware, etc.) at a low cost. The customer is responsible for all freight charges to and from Grace, ID. 

Email for all information regarding returns:

Thanks for being a valued Silverwing customer!

Silverwing is not liable for damages caused by negligence, accidents or product failure. All listed website prices are subject to change without notice.

Additional information

Weight 190 lbs
Dimensions 89 × 54 × 19 in


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