Most trailers are sold through our trailer dealer network. Inquire at for your nearest dealer. Or fill out the contact form at for more information. Be sure to include your zip code or location. 

Where are our dealers?

Our dealer network is mainly in the western United States but we are always looking to add new dealers. If our service isn’t available in your area, let both us and your favorite local dealer know about us as well. 


The SW9F is sold through other retailers such as, or (only from the seller “Silverwingtents” or “Silverwingtents”) and directly on our site here. Please check our Authorized Sellers page for more information. We are always adding new products so let us know your questions or comments. Contact us at or on our contact form. Thank you!

What if I want to order/ship a larger size trailer?

The SW9F trailer is the only trailer that can be shipped on a pallet under our LTL Freight program. This is because of the nature of the deck and that most of the trailer can be assembled by the customer. All other larger trailers are available for purchase but cannot be shipped using common large freight LTL providers. If you are interested in a larger size (i.e. 5.5×10, 6×12, 7×12, etc.) we recommend picking it up yourself or talk to a custom hauling company that can haul large items like vehicles or similar and coordinate the shipping. There are many to choose from but you will be responsible for arranging shipping. Depending on the distance from Grace, ID and route these charges can range from a few hundred dollars and up. In the event you want to proceed we will require payment prior to pickup and will have a fully assembled trailer ready for your chosen carrier to pick up at a scheduled time. Email us when you have a pick up method chosen to proceed.